Welcome to Tengallonhat!

The mountain stream that passes through Norikura Highlands is called “Koonogawa” and  flows right behind  our inn, filling it with the soft sound of flowing water and purifying negative ions.

We are proud to present two unique bathrooms!
Each bathroom can be used privately.
 All three are located on riverside providing plenty of negative ions, known for their cleansing properties.  Enjoy a beautiful forest bath while you are in a warm cozy Japanese style tub. (^ ^)(^ ^)

★「Jacuzzi」 Perfect after sports!
 ★「Wooden bath」 Japanese-style

★Favourite home made breakfast bread

 We are  bakingdifferent types of breads everyday. Enjoy the popular breakfast bread fresh from the oven together with delicious coffee!   




★A plan to support your activities
There is a huge variety of outdoor activities to be discovered in Norikura ranging from hiking, hill-climbing, trail running, walking and MTB to skiing and snowboarding. To help you get the most out them we offer our guests the the opportunity to stay one night in advance, early check in, keeping of baggage after  check out and usage of showers before your trip back home. Feel free to ask for more information! 


★Invitation to the trail walk
Norikura is a treasure house of highland walking courses. Make a tour of the three water falls “Takimeguri” and enjoy the highland breeze to the fullest with easy walking courses!  We can help with arranging the course to suit your schedule. It can also be enjoyable on rainy days  so please bring your rain jacket with you.




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