Our International Staff – Past & Present Vol.2

Name: Rob & Jacqui
Country: England & New Zealand

Ten Gallon Hat is AMAZING! We strongly recommend anyone to come and wwoof here or stay here as a guest. We have come for 3 weeks to wwoof  and have had a brilliant time. We were here for Christmas and New Years and had not one but two huge turkeys, which were kindly donated by Andy and his family (one of the many great guest that come to Ten Gallon Hat). Along with the turkeys Rie and Ryoichi made plenty of other amazing food and the best desserts we have seen at christmas in a long long time. More importantly the Champagne was flowing!

We came here to improve our Japanese and snowboard. Rie, Ryoichi and Yusuke have been great sensei’s (teachers) and very patient with us and our totemo chotto Japanese. Stokku de GAN GAN!!

Rie and Ryoichi are extremely warm and welcoming and have treated us like their own family, which has been very nice during this festive time of year. Their cooking is delicious and next to non, their home/ hotel is friendly and relaxing, they have so much band gear to play with if your into it, music is on constantly, great great great stuff! Hopefully while you are here you will get the pleasure of hearing the family play music as they are all very talented.

We have a private room and have a on-sen hot pool everyday, we eat awesome food, get a ride to the ski slope which is only 5 minutes away, do some boarding and if we want to ski we get free rental of ski gear. All of this is in exchange for helping with meal times and cleaning, a very good deal!

The area is beautiful too and great for walking or snow shoeing (snow shoes we rented here for free also), skiing, snowboarding etc. There is a nice river right behind the house too.  We haven’t seen snow monkeys yet but we still have 5 days left so fingers crossed!

To conclude, generous warm hearted family, delicious  food, great snowboarding/skiing, warm atmosphere, untouched natural beauty, music instruments everywhere, onsen hot pools, massage chair… brilliant!

When our time comes to an end we will miss it here very much! Everyday we have laughed and had a great time! Thanks so much Rie, Ryoichi and Yusuke for making this a very memorable time in our lives! We hope to see you in New Zealand and pay back to you the great time we have had here.

Rob & Jacqui


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