Dining Room

■The Dining Room
Our spacious dining room with it’s wooden interior is not only bright and airy, but also boasts with a stage and various instruments.

■Live stage
The stage is well equipped with a variety of instruments such as drums, guitars and even a piano. Why not try your skills together with friends and have fun music night?

■Conversation Corner
Located in the corner of the dining room you will find six comfortable armchairs in a setting perfect for pleasant conversation.

Yuntaku is an Okinawan word that describes a place where everyone gathers
around a low table and exchanges stories and drinks.

Please enjoy  your  moment around our own Yuntaku.

■Above the vault there is a big loft with ladders at the end witch will lead you up to the Stargazing Tower. The interior is a bit worn due to the harsh environmental conditions, but it remains the favourite climbing place for children!

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