Guest Rooms

Our clean and simple rooms have comfortable wide beds with soft feather duvets inviting you to a good night’s sleep in a first-class atmosphere!

All  rooms are located on the same floor. Rooms are counted by 1gallon 2gallon… till 8gallon
The pension’s layout is designed to keep sounds out, ensuring that nothing will get in the way of a quiet sleep. Feel free to enjoy chatting with friends or playing music in the common room without restraint!

What you will hear when you listen is..
…the sound of songbirds in the morning.
…the murmur of the mountain-stream in the evening.
■Western Style Room with washstand.
These rooms are designed for two or 
three guests and are equipped with a washstand, three beds  and a desk made of completely natural cypress.

Each rooms has speaker installed which you can play your favorite songs using an iPod and most of  other music players. Getting into the perfect resort-mood. The speaker is also be used as an alarm-clock, so that you can wake up to the music of your choice in the morning.(iPod only)

*Please be considerate with the volume for other guests !


■Western Style Room With Loft
These rooms can be used by up to 5 guests and are equipped with three full-size beds. There is a wooden ladder leading up to a small loft like an attic. This loft has a space to lay out two mattresses. These rooms are very popular amongst families! The back yard and mountain-stream can be seen from all of these rooms.




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