A quick tour of Tengallon Hat B&B and its surroundings


■To further show our consideration for families with children we have a dedicated Kids Room filled with books, videos and toys. Please be aware that your kids may refuse to leave this room.(^-^;;)

You can enjoy fishing at the river located right behind our inn. The mountain stream is too cold to keep your feet in for 10minutes (even in summer!)  Your target will be a “IWANA” (a  char fish) which only lives in fine clear streams. (Please bring your own fishing rod and fish-bait)(^ ^)(^ ^)

Breakfast breads are home made by Rie-mama.
Dining space with
Concert  Stage.We accomodate irregular live concerts. We welcome anyone who wishes to perform in front of others, or use the equipment for the training camps, (practice studio is also available!)but also guests who just want to play for themselves!
Bringing your own alcohol is permitted!(after dinner time)
B.Y.O fee is to “treat owner with a glass of your desire ”
(Please order drinks from the menu during dinner.(^ ^)(^ ^))
 We have a Laundromat. To be able to wash your clothes while travelling  can really be helpful, especially for a family with small children.  

Once you have experienced enough of Norikura Highland, extend your journey to the Amazing scenery of Kamikochi. It’s just one hour bus ride from Tengallon Hat  (bus stop is right in front of our inn.)

Thanks to the newly opened Tunnel “
Abo Tunnel”  the historical city of  Takayama is now reachable within an hour by car. Tunnel usage cost is 750yen(one way). The tunnel is about five minutes long and will get you the opposite side called Hirayuof Gifu prefecture. Driving to Toyama prefecture takes about two hours. You can try some of the delicious fishes on your one day trip.
The famous white and milky Japanese style hot spring(Onsen) is located about  five minutes away by car. The facilities called “Yukemurikan” is the place to enjoy it.
The Family leisure site “Swiss-No-Mori” (The forest of Switzerland) is about five minutes drive from our inn. They offer you putter golf, mallet golf , Alps slider and much more.

Order the Rie-mama’s famous hand made cake for your Birthday and/or your memorial day. It doesn’t have to be a celebration, you can order one just because you want try a bite!(Please be aware that she may not be able to bake one during the summer holidays and some other busy nights. Feel free to contact us for more information)

The Owner was born in 1960. Loves  Guitar and Alcohol. Whenever you make him tipsy he will start playing guitar, ready for you to sing along!!(^-^;;)(^-^;;)
 We are huge fun of Mac PC’s This web site is also made by our selves.

My family loves Hawaii very much. Ask us for great deals and tour plans. Contact us in E-mail about what you want to know.

In November 1997. My family went to visit the
Walt Disney World in Florida at first time.
Actually Rie-mama is a generally admitted as a Norikura’s No.1 Disney freak!!

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