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Following are the newly revised rates for a reasonable stay!
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■Room Rates

All prices are displayed in Japanese Yen. (Tax-included)

Adult  Elementary
school students 
Infants and
younger children
Full stay (no meals) 4,800 4,100 3,600
B&B  (Breakfast included)  6,300  4,600 4,000 

*Children under 3 years (no bed and meals) 2000 Yen. Infants under 1 year (no bed and meals) 1000 Yen.
*Aug.13 to Aug.16 and  Dec.31 to Jan. 3 are 500 Yen increase.
*During winter season there is a heating-fee of 1000 Yen per room and night. Thank you for understanding!

Please choose freely from the alternatives below in accordance with your budget and appetite

 Details Price 
1 Fish-course Fish cuisine is the main 2,600
2 Meat-course Steak or beef is the main 3,200
3 Full-course Fish and Meat courses combined (1+2) 3,500
4 Healthy-course Fish and Meat cuisines in well balanced portions.
*The main dish is half the size of a normal meat course
*Recommended to elementary school students and seniors
5 Infant menu Assorted dinner-set for children 1,100

★Course 1-4 include appetizer, soup, salad, pickled vegetables, rice and dessert
★Course 5 include soup, rice (free seconds) and dessert


Online Reservation Form (Japanese only)

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